Professional Side

I started programming at the age of 15. As for many programmers, I got into computers because I wanted to create my own video games. Once in College, everything changed! It made me discover other fun and challenging areas and my interest in video games creation slowly diminished.

In 2005, I graduated from Vanier College in Computer Science. I have been working professionally since then. I could write a summary of all those years but I will let the timeline on the right speak for itself.

Technical Side

Beside my professional work, I like working on personal projects. I used to be pro Microsoft but I have broadened my horizon to what's outside their ecosystem. I picked up the language Ruby for that reason. Learning jQuery re-sparked my interest in web development. In the near future, I plan to finish a 3D game, do some security programming, data mining using R, and learn a functional language.

I like to touch different areas and I plan to continue to do so in the future. In five years, I will probably become a system architect. I really see myself in that role.

Non Technical Side

I am big gamer. I played Age of Empire 3 a lot. I loved managing my economy while building an army and thinking strategically how to kill my enemy. After the game died, I played a fair amount of Team Fortress 2. Recently, I was hooked on the Scavenge Mode in Left 4 Dead 2. Now, I'm waiting for Duke Nukem Forever to come out which will be the last game that I will play seriously.

I also enjoy mountain hiking. For your eyes pleasure, here are some pictures from my trip to mountain Roh in Poland.